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Monday, October 25, 2021
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Facts About Building Deterioration

The extreme temperatures of sub-zero cold in winter  and triple-digit heat of summer take their toll on structures. Often, this weather cycle can cause expansion of joints which results in cracking in all types of materials.

Preventative maintenance on new structures can be done as a hedge against future damage.

Regular maintenance, periodic cleaning and monitoring can reduce the cost of repairs and prevent a great deal of damage before it becomes severe.

We Can Help

Restoration & Waterproofing Contractors  provides commercial and industrial stone, concrete and masonry repair and maintenance, above and below ground.

We work with you, your engineers, architects or contractors to provide you with the right services to accomplish your job and protect your investment you have in your structure.

Other Services:

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 Stone Repair & Cleaning
Stone Repair and Cleaning Services
Ft. Hays State University >> Hays, KS

Tuckpointing Services
Adler Building >> Kansas City, KS

Waterproofing Services
Farm Credit Bank >> Wichita, KS

Special Coatings
Special Coatings Services

Caulking Services
Cessna Citation Facility >> Wichita, KS

Epoxy Injection
Epoxy Injection Services
Murdock Bridge >> Wichita, KS

Gunite and Shotcrete
Gunite and Shotcrete Services
Water Tower, Strother Field >> Winfield, KS

Mudjacking Services

Restoration & Waterproofing Contractors, Inc.


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