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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

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Recent Projects

  • Unity Tower

    Restoration & Waterproofing Contractors is performing restoration on the Unity Village Tower in Unity Village, a unique regional landmark, also on the National Register of Historic Places.

    On the exterior design build, RWC is working on concrete restoration, stone and cast stone restoration and cleaning, new cast stone masonry and installation of a cold fluid waterproofing system. 

  • Ambassador Hotel

    RWC performed an initial cleaning to remove all surface contaminants with detergent (a standard procedure on most restoration projects), repair and spot coating, removing and replacing damaged or missing terra cotta and masonry units, with new materials custom-fabricated to match the existing items, tuckpointing, window protection, brick and clay tile repair, joint repair, column repair and tuckpointing masonry.


  • Clay County Courthouse

    Restoration & Waterproofing Contractors’ work on the Clay County Courthouse in Clay Center consisted of massive stone replacement, tuck-pointing 100 percent of the mortar joints on the courthouse, and cleaning.


    RWC worked with PBA architects to replace deteriorated stone and patch a large portion of stone that had minor problems. Lardner Stone supplied the stone for the job.

  • Ruffin Parking Garage

    RWC’s work included repairing masonry walls above the top two floors of the parking garage, miscellaneous tuckpoint and damaged mortar joint repair, and application of Sherwin Williams Elastomeric Coating to all masonry walls. The parking deck was in such bad condition that the old coat was removed to expose the original concrete deck. Then the concrete was sounded out and bad concrete was removed and patched with new concrete material. 


  • Wareham Building

    RWC work includes inspecting all the masonry on the south elevation and making necessary repairs to the brick and terra cotta features. 


    Since The Wareham is located in a busy downtown, and houses the local favorite Harry’s restaurant on the first floor, this project poses some unique challenges for RWC working around visitors. 

    • Gunite/Shotcrete • Painting • Special Coatings • Tuckpointing • Waterproofing 

    • Air Barriers 

    • Balconies • Caulking • Cleaning • Concrete Repairs • Epoxy Injection 



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